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Minnie Mouse Cooking Play Set

This set comes with two days of fun: waking up to a delicious breakfast of little known heroes from the disney Minnie Mouse universe, then Cooking over a beautiful with beautiful blue cheese milk sauce, the set also comes with a beautiful little kitchenette with 2 comely little cooks, aristocratic eggs, and a set of two drawers. Finally, there's also a set of two drawers at an extra charge.

Disney Minnie Mouse Cooking Play Set

Disney's Minnie Mouse Cooking play set is a valuable substitute to have fun with your friends during your weekend brunch, this set includes an exclusive Cooking set that playset with two vegetables and one cup of eggs. You can also purchase other sets to vary your set up as needed, this set is sure to get you into the best position for your next meal! This play set is best-in-the-class for children who appreciate to cook! The set includes 18 pieces that can be used in both indoor and outdoor settings. The set can also be converted into a complete kitchen system with the addition of additional pieces, the Minnie kitchen set is facile to set up and is top-notch for. This exclusive set comes with a Minnie Mouse Cooking set that can be used to cook up some delicious meals, the set also comes with a range of tools and ingredients that can be used to cook up some delicious meals. It is sure to be a fun and delicious set for any disney loving child! This play set is sterling for younger children who crave to give Cooking a try, the set includes a Minnie Mouse Cooking set and an oven. The set can be customize with dempsey, the dog, for an extra fun filled up set.