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Shark Play Set

This newshark play set from nickelodeon features 10 play cups and 8 finger puppets to keep kids entertained for hours on end. This play set is also a new addition to the finger puppets series, and is sure to please kids of all ages. With its charming nickelodeon logo and features such as a mercury-based water park, this play set is a must-have for any child's entertainment system.

Kid Connection Shark Play Set

Kid Connection Shark Play Set

By Kid Connection


Shark Play Set Target

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Shark Play Set Ebay

This playset is complete with all five cards. It contains the transport station, four fish, and one card that is a shark. The5 cards make up the playset. this play set is perfect for children who love to play with water and fun! The set includes 18 pieces of puzzle-style gaming content, atransporter boat, a submersible boat, and a ocean inspired boat. There is also a signetz-style game set and a rainbow flag game. The play set is a great way to add in some fun game playing with your children, and is also great for kids who are introducing water play. this baby shark set comes with five play set toys and five finger puppets. The set is the perfect way to get your baby into swimming and play. the newshark play set includes 10 pieces in all: a searchlight, sound and airhorn. But what about the swimmer? her trusty swim line andreminder buoy are all that help her keep to the water's edge. The shark tupperware can hold its own against a real shark, and an ever-growing library of games to keep her entertained.