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Car Wash Play Set

Looking for a fun and exciting way to spend your weekend? check out our hot wheels stunt play set! This play set includes a splash car wash and a choice of colors to make your play time extra exciting. Not to mention, the fun american design team is known for their stunts- we at hot wheels know what we're doing with this play set!

Top 10 Car Wash Play Set

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Best Car Wash Play Set

This play set is a great way to have fun with your hot wheels car while washin' out your car! The play set includes a green and red car wash backdrop, a colored carizational cloth bag, and two vehicles. When you and your children are done washin' out your car, you can put it all in the water and play with the cars on the beach. this car wash play set is perfect for kids or adults who love hot wheels cars and games! The set includes a mega car wash with several different colors of cars andconveyer belt track playset. The playset includes two teams of players who use their skills to clean the cars and write down their locations. There is also a track to watch and practice at. this play set is perfect for children who love to play with their cars. The set includes two cars, one white and one black, and one outboard engine. The set can be used to drive their cars in the street or into a car park to have a play date. The play set features two cars, one with a hot engine and one with a cooled engine, and they can play agree, inch, go, and rock 'n' play it at the side of the road.