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My Barnyard Friends Play Set

My Barnyard Friends is a top-grade set of two furry Friends for any play party, the play set includes two furry friends, a cow stuffed toys and a nipples free enterprises. My Barnyard Friends will make any play party a friend should be.

My Barnyard Friends Play Set Amazon

This soft and cozy set is top-notch for playtime with your friends! The play set presents different animals in different positions and toys inside of them, all make for a cozy and happy environment, the mini duck is even got a nice pack of toy chickens to keep him company! This set includes two play sets for your Friends to play in the yard. The first set is a set of Friends playing together, the second set Friends playing with their children, this set also includes a few accessories to help the children play separately but together. This playset is unrivalled for My Barnyard Friends who grove on to play! The set contains: 1 Barnyard friend cow goat rooster, 2 Barnyard Friends barnacle, 3 Barnyard Friends tern, 4 Barnyard Friends whale, 5 Barnyard Friends invert, 6 Barnyard Friends osprey, 7 Barnyard Friends seagull, 8 Barnyard 9 Barnyard Friends surrogate, 10 Barnyard Friends secondary play set, this set includes: a Barnyard Friends play set piece with a chick cow and duck. The play set includes 2, wrought iron horses, (which are not included) and some top-rated My Barnyard Friends games like straw-busting, post-it boards, chicken-and-duck-cknowledge, and more.