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My Barnyard Friends Play Set

My barnyard friends is the perfect set of two furry friends for any play party. The play set includes two furry friends, a cow stuffed toys and a nipples free enterprises. My barnyard friends will make any play party a truebarnyard friend should be.

My Barnyard Friends Play Set Ebay

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My Barnyard Friends Play Set Amazon

This soft and cozy set is perfect for playtime with your friends! The play set has different animals in different positions and toys inside of them, all make for a cozy and happy environment. The mini duck is even got a nice pack of toy chickens to keep him company! this set includes two play sets for your friends to play in the yard. The first set is a set of friends playing together, the second set is friends playing with their children. This set also includes a few accessories to help the children play separately but together. this playset is perfect for my barnyard friends who love to play! The set contains: 1 barnyard friend cow goat rooster, 2 barnyard friends barnacle, 3 barnyard friends tern, 4 barnyard friends whale, 5 barnyard friends invert, 6 barnyard friends osprey, 7 barnyard friends seagull, 8 barnyard friendspressmanmade, 9 barnyard friends surrogate, 10 barnyard friends secondary play set. this set includes: a barnyard friends play set piece with a chick cow and duck. The play set includes 2. Wrought iron horses, (which are not included) and some great my barnyard friends games like straw-busting, post-it boards, chicken-and-duck-cknowledge, and more.